The Austin Dish Lending Library is….

Meeting Austin’s needs for re-usable dishes for every event type.

Keeping disposable dishes out of the landfill.

Saving old, eclectic dishes from the trash.

Building community.

How did we get started?

The idea for the Austin Dish Lending Library was sparked on August 3rd, 2019.

On that day, Joanna was working with a friend to host a breakfast for 100+ people for a non-profit organization. Joanna and said friend wanted to make it a zero waste event, but they didn’t have a budget for supplies or 100’s of re-usable cups, plates, and utensils available.

They couldn’t find a catering company that was willing to waive the dish rental fee.

They didn’t have a budget to spend on purchasing compostable plates and cups.

It was starting to look like cheap dollar store single-use plastics were their only option….

But just to be sure, Joanna turned to Google for some inspiration.

And found the most amazing concept—a dish lending library!

Unfortunately, the closest dish library was in Canada—quite a drive from Texas!

So Joanna thought, why not start a library here in Austin?

And the Austin Dish Lending Library came to be.

Meet the Dish Team

Joanna, Founder and CEO

Joanna is a former molecular biologist with half a Ph.D. She’s a low-waster and aspiring minimalist.

When not dishing out dishes, you can find Joanna digging through trash cans, drinking rain water, trying to grow her own vegetables, and doing an assortment of other things most people would consider too weird to do, all while trying to respect and value our planet.

Laura, Artist for Injured Dishes

Laura Lincoln earned a BA in Studio Fine Arts a long time ago. After careers in education, organizational psychology and mediation, she has finally turned full attention to the career she thought she’d have to begin with. Paper Etc Art is her current business. Laura focuses on working with paper, and other found materials, to make unique, affordable art. All of her work is at least 25% upcycled. Laura is particularly inspired by the natural world and the beauty of seemingly humble objects.

Laura gives our injured dishes a second life by turning them into art masterpieces.

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Sara, Design Goddess