Wish List


Are you interested in supporting the library financially? We are not yet registered as a non-profit, so we can’t provide you with a tax exempt receipt. However, you can still make a donation to help us with operating costs and make sure the library is free for everyone who needs it.

We accept donations through PayPal to the account abby.rodgers95@gmail.com.


Are you Marie Kondo-ing your kitchen cupboards? Do you have dishes and utensils that you don’t use and want to give them a second life? The Austin Dish Lending Library is seeking dish donations of used items in good condition.

It doesn’t have to be a set! Lone items are welcome as this will add to the eclecticism of the collection and help us Keep Austin Weird.

Contact us if you’d like to donate something on the Wish List and we can set up a time/place in north or south Austin. Due to space restrictions, at the moment, we are only trying to complete the Wish List.

And don’t forget to tell your friends, neighbors, community groups, etc. all about it!

See below for what the Austin Dish Lending Library still needs.

mugs (yes, we are now looking for more coffee mugs!)

wine glasses

water glasses/mason jars for drinking/glassware

large 10 in dinner plates

medium plates (7 in to 8 in)

soup bowls


butter knives

steak knives

large soup spoons

small dessert spoons

dinner napkins

stainless steel airpots for coffee/hot water

sturdy bins with lids for holding/transporting dishes (these can be of varying sizes)

Or, if you happen to have some sort of comfy traveling cases for large numbers of dishes, our dishes would sure appreciate that. They’ll be making many trips around Austin for the rest of their lives. 🙂

2 metal rack stand alone shelving units